Seen on the A1?

After a devasting 4-0 loss to one of your promotion rivals (although it will be the refs fault no doubt), the wheels on Steve Evan’s burger van looked to have stopped turning.

Losing to Looton is bad, but on the back of a 37 page “Evans Out” thread on one of the Posh Forums, the clock is ticking.

We could try and contact Air China to see if the odious one has booked him and partner Claire Raynor on a fast flight out of here, but as he did us a huge favour by pissing off into the sunset, we can’t be arsed.

A parody twitter account of someone who covers the club, says there is a meeting called for tommorrow at board level.

We don’t think we are this lucky just yet, but how long should we give it before calling an agency HGV driver in, to drive this down the A1.

Good things come to those who wait!