Home Comforts – Mansfield 0-1 Yeovil Town

If Yeovil Town are really a club in 22nd position of this football league 2 table, then Notts County are well and truly doomed. Our opponents today, had enjoyed some strange away results this season, not least a 4-0 win at Mardy Lane, and also a 6-0 success at Newport, both earlier in the season.

Let’s face it, we didn’t see anything other than a return to winning ways, but it was a strange day in more ways than one.

I’m not able to do dry January for the reason of it always being Bez’s birthday in the middle of the month, and is tradition on such occasions, a 9am start time to start the drinking festivities, meant at least I would be half cut to witness probably the worst performance of the season.

A sobering thought entered my tiny mind as we headed into the centre of town around 1 o clock, on discovering the Corner House had closed again, where are all the pubs going, they are dying on their arse. Still the Bridge Tavern continued to flout this trend, and with reasonably priced beer on offer as well.

After a few ‘Turbos’ and a couple of shandies, we made our way to the ground, stopping briefly to firstly decide if ‘Gabbitas Gate’ would be open to walk to the West Stand, and then at the massive drug squad operation positioned at the entry to the upper west stand near to the north stand. Now, we are not advocates of drugs, not in public at least, but this was over the top in the silliest. We weren’t going clubbing for fucks sake.

I am still of the opinion that the higher esteemed at the ground, namely the security firm employed to keep order, see’s the youthful element as ‘easy prey’, for either chucking out or searching continually at every opportunity.

Anyway, that was the least of the strange things to happen today, as we were about to find out, about 15 minutes before kick off.

We’d taken up a spare couple of seats near to the Quarry Lane end of the ground, and were sat in a near empty section, when a gentleman approached and kept looking at a sheet of paper, we knew he was dying to say ‘get out of my seat’, but couldn’t for he was confused that anyone would have been sat in it at the first place.

Now, it’s never happened at the One Call to us before, so this was a first, as he eventually said “I think you are in my seat”, as we were obviously now in the Premier League without me knowing, and the ground would be filled to the rafters, we moved to two more empty seats, although it was difficult to chose two in the 800 empty ones on offer around where we currently were.

Plenty of seats here youth!

Again, my opinion is that tickets for this standard of football, should simply be ‘General Seating’ excluding season ticket holders who pay to have a reserved sticker on their favourite blue seat.

Now to my huge ‘discredit’, I did mutter a few words of “I didn’t realise we were at the theatre” and some other off the cuff remarks, all banter based of course.

It was clear from the off that Yeovil’s forward line were incredibly quick, and again posed the question on how useless must the manager be, if he had them in 22nd place.

Talking of the manager, I swear blind I read an article, or maybe it was on Sky Sports News in the week, that he had been sacked, but there he was on the sideline, acting like a loon during play.

It was no surprise when the visitors took the lead on 19 minutes following a great cross field pass, and for the rest of the half, the Stags looked devoid of any response.

So much so, we buggered off to the Sandy Pate bar a couple of minutes before half time, and weren’t surprised to see it already packed to the rafters.

Surely, the Stags couldn’t play as bad for the second half?

Well, they didn’t, but still Yeovil looked to be very dangerous on the counter attack, Danny Rose was to have the best chance of equalizing, but the visiting keeper suddenly thought he was Gordon Banks and produced a worldie to keep the score at 0-1.

The final whistle brought about some booing, as obviously we should be winning every game, but hats off to Yeovil and despite some time wasting antics, which peeved me slightly, they did a job on us, just like Swindon a few weeks previous.

All is not lost in the world though, I’m sure the ticket holders mentioned previously, had a good journey home, seeing as they left 10 minutes before the end, and the drug squad happily took some weed from a teenager or two.

Onwards and Upwards!

Whilst the result was a blow to our promotion hopes, the positive is that County are now well and truly adrift, so well done Yeovil…..

Michael – 13/1/19