Our Bet for the Weekend

Far be it for us to encourage irresponsible gambling, but on the back of Manchester City smashing nine goals past Burton this week, we reckon the Stags are in line for tonking someone, and why not hapless Yeovil Town this coming weekend.

We did look for a 8-0 bet to lump on, but with it not available, have gone for the below at a mouth watering 50p bet.

We like the score of a 6-2 Stags win, just need Walker to score as well and a few corners to boot.

Before someone gets high and mighty about encouraging people to lose their life savings etc, yes we have seen snowflake posts in the past on other Mansfield Town websites, about the prominence of betting posts or links, well you won’t find any of that bullshit on here, if you don’t want to read the story, we aren’t pinning you down and making you click this news story!