Get Real Folks….

On a weekend that the Stags lost the last unbeaten away run in the whole of the world, it would be easy to forget the great strides made, not only from the start of the season, but even a couple of months into the campaign, when some muppets still wanted the manager out.

It has been a remarkable run, whatever happens between now and the end of the season, but the Carlisle defeat needs putting into some sort of perspective.

Social media these days, puts people who shouldn’t be let near a keyboard, the chance to appear normal, yet most should be in straight jackets, and I even saw some unsavoury comments over the performance in the North West, really?

The football and platform the club has now, is one hundred times in a better place than when Evans was here, we all got taken in by his bullshit, just look at what is going off down the A1 at his new toy now, same old of signing thirty players, and spending the chairman’s money, as though he has just won the £114 million Euro’s jackpot.

He’ll ruin them, and if he had stayed here any longer, he would have ruined us as well, we dodged a bullet there no doubt about it, I was a fan of Flitcroft’s attitude to football, even during the downturn at the back end of last season.

Yet, there were many who didn’t want to give him a chance this season, I put those wanting Flitcroft gone after ten games, into the same soap dodging lot that want to overturn Brexit, who follow Gary Lineker on twitter and worship Jeremy Corbyn getting out of bed each morning, and lobby for Dianne Abbott to take over Rachel Riley’s job on Countdown.

It’s called living in the real world, and thankfully we have trusted owners now who despite the offensive replies on their social media postings, managed to overlook this outdated approach and stuck with David.

Look at the antics of egg head down the A60 if you want to see how not to run a football club, he got rid of Nolan, has since had two more managers, and they are sinking at the bottom of the whole football league.

If we had made a change after ten games, it’s more than likely we’d be sitting not far from them, not in 4th with a couple of games in hand.

Be careful what you wish for.

By now you will have seen we have become active again as a brand, the two publications we did since 2016 wet the old fingers again to write again, hence why the website is up and running again as a LIVE functioning piece.

How long it lasts, will no doubt be down to some snowflake getting offended at some point, we wouldn’t have lasted long back in the day, if social media was then, what it is now.

The society we live in, is far too PC for us not to piss someone off, and it was difficult to know which balance to strike in publishing again.

Do we make sure everything is censored and make sure little whover reads this, isn’t affected by a naughty word or two, but then it’s never what we did in the first place. Yes we got threatened by law suits from Haslam and a phone call or two from Keith Curle which proved interesting, but the point of publishing a fanzine, should be about being open and honest.

Obviously there are some things we can’t say, as it could be libellous, so occasionally we may hold back until the day comes when I receive some more calls, we’ll carry the baton for speaking honestly in the meantime.

It’s good to be back.

Michael 06/01/2019