In Ancient Times – DejaVu – Back Live

We have had a lick of paint, and are now back full time as a LIVE functioning website, aimed at an alternative look at all things Mansfield Town and our beloved rivals.

It is pretty much what we used to do back in the printed days, but are now going all in, with the theme of publishing more of our ramblings onto a wider audience again.

It completes a remarkable re-birth since the fanzine was dusted down and re-issued for our 18th edition, back in April 2016, with a follow up done just in April 2018. We have plans already in place for the 20th edition to be released in April 2020 and you will now be able to follow it’s progress regularly on here.

Whilst some features are still being worked on, we are putting several categories live from the re-launch day, including –

News – general boring stuff about us, trips away, weird match reports etc

Back Issues – read up on all our previous printed work

NewsBump – Our attempt to try and be funny with little dittos on anything really

Archive – Plenty of our previous work will appear in this section

Around the Leagues – Anything which is Stags related, or any thing which takes our fancy to highlight

Westfield Stags – Any news on trips organized by the excellent supporters group.

Our Rivals – Any news on our local rivals which portrays them in a negative light

You can check our Stevenage day out report, which was uploaded recently, for a sample of how we approach things, it’s what we do and how we do it, so make no apologies for this.

We appreciate that Stagsnet is the bible for all things Stags, but we aren’t competing with anyone here, and just trying to keep the dream alive we started some 20 odd years ago.

We also know, that we are not to everyone’s cup of tea, we never was, and to be honest, we don’t try to be, if you liked our work before, then it’s pretty much the same as what you will see on here.

Updates of relevance and what we think you may like, will be pushed through the social media side of our fanzine, so you won’t miss a thing.

One last thing, we are working on a disclaimer just to cover our backsides, and to put in summary that occasionally you might see some naughty words on here, you’ll find it soon enough, unless we try to bury it somewhere.