Information for Chris Taylor Day 2019

We currently are only planning a very low key get together for our remembering of the Stags supporting legend Chris Taylor in 2019, which will be at the Stags League 2 home game with Cambridge United on Saturday 6th April 2019.

In our Issue 19 which was released for the epic Yeovil weekend at the end of April 2018, we mentioned that it is hard to keep things fresh year on year, our esteemed editor Michael explained today “It is so hard to top what we did for Yeovil, also I need a break after all the effort it took to get that marvellous trip up and running and for it to work so well as it did, it was a tremendous effort from all who came and enjoyed the weekend”.

“I have seen these memorial days and events tend to drift the longer they run, through no fault of anyone, so the challenge is to always keep things fresh and keep people interested in what we are trying to do.”

“2020 will be 5 years since Chris would have sadly left us, so that will be a fitting time to ramp things back up again, and the plan is for a night stayover in April 2020, with a final fanzine issue, which will basically be Issue 20 in 2020, we can’t say fairer than that.”

Anyone wanting to join us for a drink for Chris at the Cambridge game, will find more details nearer the time on our facebook page.