Introducing NewsBump

To improve our online presence still further, and prove we are very much active, we would like to introduce our followers to a new feature called ‘NewsBump’.

Generally fanzines should take the pee out of everything their respective club and local rivals do or say, and ‘NewsBump’ intends to serve that very purpose.

We commenced yesterday through our facebook page, with a little shout out to the many Notts County supporters who dressed themselves up for their trip to Crawley, they were superbly camouflaged as the team celebrated a famous win down sarf.


Within just a few hours, the post was seen by over 1,000 people and led to us believe their was still a market for all this nonsense.

So on these pages, and with a little extra on the facebook page along side, there will be plenty of ground breaking news stories from both the Stags and the wider football would (well we say that, but in essence it’s County and the sheepshaggers that we will be focused on).

disclaimer – ‘NewsBump’ is compiled from people with nothing better to do, and should be treated in the manner it is intended, which is a light hearted look at all things football and such events associated with it. We take no responsibility for any offence taken as this is not meant to be given in a offence context.