Were All Doomed

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In ‘Were All Doomed’ from Issue 6, the editor rants on about the state of football.

Written in 2000 by Michael Norwood

Were All Doomed…

You’ll have to excuse me whilst I climb upon me high horse and deliver my damning verdict on the future of football as we know it. I’ve just watched the Panorama program on BBC1 and for those that didn’t manage to watch it, then you missed what for me was the truth being delivered as regards the future of lower league teams in English Football. I wasn’t old enough at the time to understand the implications of the forming of the Premier League in 1991, but after seeing this program, I now fully understand the Greed that the top chairman want and seem to be getting. Basically what they did, was cut the rest of football off and went their own separate ways, that much we know, enabling their grubby little hands to handle the money that Sky had offered and hence build their own little empires.

Little did we know at the time, that this would just fuel their quest for more dominance and further distance themselves from the rest of football. I watched in horror as David Dein —Arsenal Greedy man- was asked what the future held for small clubs, he couldn’t even be arsed to answer the question.

The elite clubs now use the vast amount of money coming in from Television, soon to be upped in price TV money at that, to buy players from abroad and pay over the top wages, at the same time putting admission prices up. I at this point would say that Sky has done a lot for football, Mansfield Town now get a bigger slice now than ever, but on the same token, enabling the big clubs to buy abroad with their new spending power, means that very little money goes to the lower clubs via. Transfers. So what Sky offer with one hand, they take back and more with the other.

I lead now onto the subject of European Football, not content with getting their way with the premier league, the Greed that is the Chairmen wanted more, so they threaten a breakaway Euro Super League with their European counterparts. UEFA in their wisdom expand the European Cup to joke proportions and introduce the Champions League, to which once teams reach the semi-finals, it reverts back to the European Cup in most journalist’s eyes! (Man Utd were the first team to win the competition then without actually winning their respective league the year before — something which made the old European cup unique – It used to be two years before you were the kings of Europe).

Not content with this now, the Greed that is the chairmen have got together again and decided that they want a Euro League again. It will happen if these useless greedy no good men get their way and there is nothing you or me can do about it. So where does that leave Mansfield Town, let’s face it you can’t go 5 yards at the moment without bumping into a geek with a Man Utd top on can you? More and more people are watching the football in the pub, with their premier league tops on. I’m afraid this is the future, the new television deal will see to that, it’ll keep the greedy chairman happy for a year but they’ll soon get a further expansion of the Champions League until it leads to a total Euro League overall. With more games being shown live after the new deal, people will no longer need to follow their local team, they’ll just go down the pubs with their mates, watch a match with about 60 others, try to sing a bit in the pub and attempt to enjoy it, trouble is, it’ll get boring, late to nip by which time it’ll be too to say Field Mill on a Saturday afternoon to watch the local team in action.

The supporters of these clubs that are fooled by their own chairman, will eventually be unable to afford the cost of following their team, an d gates will go down, I hope this is the case and if it is for this reason my football team Mansfield Town go finwn the pan, I hope football goes bust, by which time I shall not be following it anyway. Enjoy your pub football then, seeing as though that is what most people want, I only hope for those that are wearing a Premier League Bandwagon shirt around Mansfield the day that football is no longer played at Field Mill, I don’t bump into you.
Think about all of this won’t you, the next time your watching a team all the time you’re sat in a pub and not following your local side, your helping the Chairmen get their own way…

They have already started buying up small clubs as well, so they can nick their best players, again abolishing the transfer system, it’ll keep the small club going a few more years if that.

Have a nice football life, if that’s what you waima call it! R.I.P. English Football In this Millennium…