The Legend Lives On

We have found a new online home for all our work, and all supporters of Mansfield Town far and wide are welcome to come and view our ramblings and our all too brief history, not only from a few years back but our recent comeback in April 2016.

It has been well documented in the local press this year, that the fanzine was to make a sparkling one off appearance in memory of the great Chris Taylor who played a huge part in our growing up, such was the reaction to the day and subsequent interest in the fanzine, we thought it only right and proper to have our entire history and more displayed online.

So here we are, more articles from past issues will be appearing shortly, alongside news of the events and travel planned from our good friends at the Westfield Stags.

We’ll also have news of any future plans for our little fanzine as well as the follow up details to our Chris Taylor memorial day, which will be happening in 2017.

Stay tuned folks !