Mansfield Town 1-2 Railway Men – (G)rants away

After what was a semi decent point at home to Lincoln City on the Sky camera’s last time out on Monday, hopes where high that a decent performance against Crewe would put to bed the serial moaners who came out every time there was a bad showing, alas it was not going to be today.

I had changed my plans for the match, as originally I was due at a gig in Leicester on the Saturday night, but having blown my March Budget the previous weekend in Leeds, I opted to drive to said gig, and instead take in the match.

How I wish I’d have taken the option to rob a bank, bugger off on an early train to Leicester, and got pissed instead.

If the wheels were wobbling before, with the performances at Clownty and Port Vale, then they have well and truly come tumbling down the grass embankment and nestled into the field below.

Let me be clear, I am fuming, not only at the reaction of some on social media, not to just this performance and result, but also some of the comments I saw in the build up, even before the weekend had arrived.

Then, I am angry at the way the season is again panning out, something happened in January which I can’t quite work out yet, but I am trying to make sense of it.

Let’s put the facts on the table shall we, before the turn of the year, the Stags had lost just ONE league game all season, we had just beaten Bury at home 2-1, in what was an excellent advert for league 2 football and were sat pretty for a promotion push in the second half of the season.

Then for some reason, and I still don’t know whose decision it was, we appoint a ‘Head of Football Operations’ person in the guise of Gregg Abbott, who made this call, was it Flitcroft or the directors?

Because, this is, co-incidence or not by the way, is where things started to go wrong. An unlucky defeat away at Carlisle at the turn of the year, was followed by Yeovil turning up and turning us over deservedly so in a comprehensive 1-0 win at the One Call.

Why isn’t Abbott being asked any questions of his role? What does he do? Bradford City fans were less than complimentary about him when he left, and he’s had no effect here, so what is he doing exactly?

If he was responsible for the players coming in over the course of the window, where they his choices, or Flitcroft’s?

If they were Abbott’s, then has this led to dis-harmony in the dressing room, because the actual football manager doesn’t rate them when the going gets tough?

Another factor for me however, is that Yeovil showed the rest of League 2, how to play against us, they pressed and pressed when they didn’t have the ball, and a good number of teams have followed that lead, and we don’t have an answer.

The Crewe defeat is the hardest of the lot to take, as they were dog-shit, at least the others had something to play for, so we can sort of understand the lack of the three points.

I still am shaking my head at a comment I heard coming out of the ground yesterday, a Stags fan actually said to another “I enjoyed watching Crewe play today, they were really good”, no they fucking weren’t, we allowed them an easy ride in the first half, so they grew in confidence, they were one of the worst sides this season, which is why I am still fuming.

The line up in that Bury game tells us we were playing much the same system as now, but with a difference, and others have said as much this weekend. Jacob Mellis was ‘the luxury player’ now that Grant is supposedly is, it isn’t working, both can’t play together as Bishop is now horribly exposed in the middle of the park, and we look too narrow going forward.

Are we just trying to put Grant in the team and play around him? If so, we weren’t that type of team in the first half of the season.

Talking of Grant, some nob on twitter who calls himself a Stags fan, was trolling him last week and calling him all sorts of horrible things, this disgusts me and I will not give oxygen to his posts, but just to say that whatever people think of Grant, he is still a Stags player trying to get us over the promotion line, so this gives strength to my view that actually some supporters actually like us to lose, so they can peddle their vile words all over social media. These type of supporters deserve League 2 football for years to come, however our loyal owners and the rest of us, are desperate to get over the line.

I did chuckle at Grants number plate on his motor yesterday as I walked past, I do have the view that most people who have ‘personalized’ number plates are self centred cocks, but that is just my view, he’ll get my support whilst ever he is here, I’m not entirely sure he is to blame for this mess, the formation to shoe horn him in, is to blame in some part.

At least I can’t blame Abbott for that that, but I would like to hear from him as it really it is linked somehow to the wheels coming off.

Onwards and Upwards, and to sum up my frustrating day, NCP wanted £24 to park for over 4 hours in the centre of Leicester, so they can fuck off as well.